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Over deze maker different ways and they called me different things. They called me a Lawyer, when I told stories to Indonesian judges to persuade them not to give death sentences to four death penalty defendants. They called me a Hopeless Single, when I told stories to find my equal half. They called me an Awardee, when I told stories to Amsterdam Law School to fly me to Amsterdam and give me money to study International Public and Human Rights Law. They called me a Patient, when I told stories to bring back my sanity. They called me a Student, when I told stories to Willem de Kooning Academie to let me in their classes and eventually graduated. They called me a Creative, when I told stories for Advertising Agencies to help sell their client’s product & services. They called me a Writer, Director and Actor when I told stories with films, from my own writing with my face in it. I’ve enjoyed telling stories to all of them and giving them stories in many shapes and functions. Oh--I also don’t mind them calling me anything – As long as they don’t call me “Storyteller”. It’s just so--I don’t know--It’s like calling a runner, or a swimmer or a great love maker, a “Breather.” Or calling a stand up comedian, a singer and politician a “Talker” Yes, They breathe and talk to do all of those things, but we don’t call them that. Because for me, telling a story is just like breathing, and talking. It’s a state. So please—Just—No— Thank you.

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Arif Abdillah

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Science Around Us - 3LAB Afstudeerfilm

Nadat Budi erachter is gekomen dat zijn vader in een ziekenhuis is opgenomen en verdere medische behandeling in Indonesië weigert, moet hij opnieuw contact zien te maken met zijn koppige vader.