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Jacob Alcala (2001) is a Filipino-born, UAE-raised, and Netherlands-trained Film...



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Jacob Alcala (2001) is a Filipino-born, UAE-raised, and Netherlands-trained Film Director and DOP, currently based in Canada. To him, filmmaking is an intimate odyssey—a path of self-exploration intertwined with the communities and environments he encounters. Alcala is driven by exploring themes of identity, adolescence, and the intricate threads that weave into the human condition. He crafts these narratives with an unwavering commitment to authentic imagery, meticulously tending to every detail. Until Then (2023), a coming-of-age and drama short film, is his directorial debut. Graduating cum laude in Audiovisual Design from the esteemed Willem de Kooning Academy, his path, enriched by a minor in Cultural Diversity of Social Practices, has nurtured a deep well of curiosity, analytical prowess, and a discerning approach to filmmaking and artistry. His apprenticeship at the Rotterdam-based production company, Rauwkost Film, further refined his cinematic skills and elevated his visual sensibilities.

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Jacob Alcala

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Until Then | 3LAB Afstudeerfilm

Het is Poy zijn laatste nacht in de Filippijnen. Hij en zijn familie gaan opnieuw migreren naar ergens ver weg van huis. Deze aankomende verhuizing laat chaotische gevoelens achter waardoor Poy wegloop...