Just Kids (Mensjesrechten)

Sisi & Wanwan

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  • 17 feb 2015, 11:13

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SOS Friendship

  • 0:00
  • 6 dec 2015, 14:30

SOS Friendship is about children’s right to extra help if they have been through traumatic events.

A year without my parents

  • 0:00
  • 22 nov 2015, 14:45

'A year without my parents' is about the right of family reunion.

Not Made of Sugar

  • 0:00
  • 18 nov 2015, 15:15

Michelle is fed up with being heavier than most other girls, but doesn’t want to be a twig like her twin sister. Just being a bit slimmer would help a great deal. In actual fact, Michelle had never...


  • 0:00
  • 1 nov 2015, 11:20

Ferry lives in the middle of the nature, where it looks like a holiday resort. A dream to a lot of children, but Ferry hates it. He wants nothing more, than to live in a regular house, in a street ...

Black and white

  • 0:00
  • 27 feb 2015, 14:37

Jason (aged 12) is in his last year of primary school and used to be bullied. Some kids think he is weird because he prefers acting and singing to playing football. The bullying made a big impact o...

The lion and the brave mouse

  • 0:00
  • 27 feb 2015, 14:34

Nora is nine years old when a missile destroys her home in Homs, Syria. Her cat is buried under the rubble and dies. Nora must flee and is allowed to bring only one little suitcase of clothes. 'The...

Sprinkles 4-ever!

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  • 27 feb 2015, 14:31

Nicky (aged 12) is poor. Her mother is unemployed en does her weekly grocery shopping at a food bank. Sometimes Nicky is being bullied because she is poor. Because when you are poor, there is littl...

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Sisi & Wanwan

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  • 17 feb 2015, 11:13